03.10.2011 - Marion - Live in Manchester!

Marion play Manchester's Club Academy, Oxford Road on Saturday 17th December 2011 with special guests Lowline.

The gig is to be recorded for an exclusive Marion live CD album entitled 'Alive In Manchester', which will be an exclusive limited edition, numbered release signed by all members of the band and due out February 2012. Everyone who pre-orders the live album will receive their name on the artwork booklet.

Both the album and tickets for the show are available from the brand new Marion official store.
Order the ticket and the CD at the same time and you will receive both at a special discounted price.
As if that wasn't a sweet enough deal already, on ordering the album, you'll receive a brand new Marion acoustic track 'The Vines' as a free download alongside your name on the album artwork!

AND! A series of exclusive warm up shows will be announced shortly too...

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