30.09.2011 - Interview with Jaime Harding

Picture: Chris Delamare

Sheira Cliff tracks down Jaime.

So Jaime what have you been doing since 2006?
When I first moved to London in 2008 I was still pretty unwell and needed time to heal, at this time I became friends with a stray tom cat, and have since discovered the divine secret to these most perfect psychic companions. This little Hackney fighting cat has since then become a permanent fixture in my life.

Although to look at him now you would hardly think he was the same cat! So fat, rested and content.

So with plenty of recovery time, my books, music and cat, I did eventually get back to good health.

I spend lots of time investigating my new area and finding all the hidden gems the East End has to offer.

So in all I've had a pretty good few years since Marion played that year of sell out shows in 2006.

How does it feel to be back with Julian and Beard?
It feels incredible to be working and playing alongside Anthony and Joolz again. Anthony as you know is one of the best guitar players around today, and Joolz's pounding bass lines and charismatic swagger, was probably the thing that made Ian McCulloch steal him from us back in the nineties!!

How were rehearsals with the old line up?
Rehearsals with this line up were so powerful. I knew it was gonna sound great, but to be able to do my thing over such top musicians just knocked me out.

Have you missed Marion?
Have I missed Marion? What do you think?!! :) I've missed so many aspects of it. The people we meet, the things we learn from other people. And I can make this statement with some authority: IT'S THE BEST DRUG IN THE WORLD!!!

What was your favourite/most memorable Marion gig?
Around February 1995 was an incredible time for me, personally my favourite. All the time in Marion was great though.

How does it compare to the gigs/line up back in 2006?
The music now is very much stronger than in 2006. You're gonna have to see it to believe it.

What music are you listening to these days and are you still a huge Johnny Cash fan?
I still worship the ground that Johnny Cash walked on. That voice just takes me in his arms and takes all the mither away. There are too many other artists to mention though really. At the moment I live on the same street that Marc Bolan grew up on. That got me thinking about him again and exploring his music much deeper than i had ever done before.

I think John Lydon's voice is still one of my favourites. Mark E Smith is costing me a fortune at the minute, having to buy all the Fall's music again on the cd reissues.

The same thing has happened with Bowie too. I still love the blues, I heard Electric Mud on Lauren Laverne's radio show and fell in love with Muddy Waters. I like all those old bluesmen from Howlin Wolf to Leadbelly.

Are you excited about the reunion and the future?
I am really excited about the next gigs and all the interesting stuff we will be doing again. I must say though, the part that really does mean everything to me is the new songs we are gonna write. After everything I have been through since the start of the group until now, and especially the last five years. So much to write about and so loud to rock it to!!!

What can we expect to hear/see?
With these next gigs we are going to be going back to This World and Body and taking a couple from the Program. We want to remind the fans just how good those songs were especially live. I think it will be a real treat for them to hear songs like The Late Gate Show and The Only Way again, alongside Vanessa and Sparkle. In this respect it will be quite different to 2006, as we played mostly new songs back then.

Any message for the fans?
Message to the fans? I can't wait to share this next period with you all. I wouldnt have chosen anyone else :)

Cake or Death?
Cake or death??? what does that mean?:)

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