27.09.2011 - Jaime in Poland

More news from Jaime:

'on december the 5th to the 11th i am taking part in a music workshop for polish musicians in the city of gdansk.

i will also be playing an acoustic show at the spacefest festival in this time.

to get details of this festival and many different connected events click onto the spacefest website.

it would be great to see as many of you as possible at this event, not only for me but to introduce you to polish life.

as you may know i have spent a considerable amount of time in poland, but have never yet sampled what gdansk has to offer.

i have heard so many great reports from people that gdansk is an amazing place for young people and has an awesome music scene and inumerable sharp and creative clubs etc that personally i cannot wait to get there.

the architecture is supposed to be sublime and i know how gothic and aweinspiring other places in poland are but gdansk stands alone in this regard.

so come and find me...'

jaime harding sept 2011

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