26.09.2011 - Message from Jaime

"london kings college december 2006 was the last marion gig we got to play before i was incapacitated and needed open heart surgery.

im sure you know the reason for this after my choosing the wrong recreational pursuits for way too many years.

i was in hospital for most of 2007. i wasnt sure if id ever be able to sing again. which would have been beyond my comprehension.

i did gradually recover and in 2008 i moved to london. ive always loved london, the history and people with a different take on life. much like manchester but warmer and less rain :)

big cities are just right for me and i need them, just like i need you.

now marion are starting the next chapter and we are ready to reclaim the most exciting live group title for good.

this original line up is sounding seriously clever, and anthony and jules have filled the gap that was missing in 2006 stunningly making the whole sound complete.

if you (like me) need that marion fix of style, glamour and violently beautiful songs, then we should meet soon on a dark night and i will tell you my story

you can tell all the doubters who listen to todays bland and passionless music I TOLD YOU SO!!!! marion are tops!!!

all my love and perpetual hormones,

jaime marion. east london sept 2011."

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