06.10.2008 - Official statement regarding upcoming shows

It is with great regret that Marion have had to withdraw from their planned shows at the Academy in October and the Metro in November.

Jaime was admitted to hospital a few days ago with severe chest pains and breathing difficulties. His condition has now stabilised and he is receiving the very best treatment possible.
During the weekend Jaime was diagnosed with Pneumonia and is likely to remain in hospital for several weeks with an expected 2 to 3 months full recovery period.

Being forced to make this decision at such short notice is exremely disapointing. Rehearsals were going well and we were looking forward to taking to the stage once again, but i'm sure you'll agree, Jaime's health and well-being is of the up-most priority.

Unfortunately, at this time i cannot confirm the shows will be rescheduled. (People who bought tickets through Townsend Records should expect an e-mail to confirm this statement).

On behalf of the band and myself, we are very sorry to those of you that had made arrangements to attend the shows from near and far. Thank you for your tireless faith and support, and we hope to announce further news in the near future.

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