Interview With Jaime Harding, May 2009, by Martin Aston for Mojo.

What are you doing now?
Living in london, going to gigs, good plays that ive heard about. Getting inspired- this is my favourite part of making a record. The early creative part, 1 and a half chords and the truth!

How does the music differ from Marion?
The new songs are written on an acoustic guitar and played as an acoustic song. Marion songs were written in rehearsal rooms with a full band. I think if a song sounds great acoustically, then youve got the soul of the song there. Anything you add later has to compliment it. A song shouldnt have to employ a set number of musicians in a group.

Can you talk about where have you been?
I was working with Marion until around 2000. Then i didnt sing for quite a few years. Just drugged and drank. Then i travelled to Eastern Europe for a year around 2005. There were some great buskers and i ended up buying an acoustic guitar in Prague and found music again.

Do you remember Marion days fondly or not? What was the band about?
I had the greatest time in marion. We started the group to get out of Macclesfield and to see the world, earn decent money and to see if anyone else felt the way we did. We achieved everything and more and that was down to the fan base really. We couldnt have asked for more from people and it has become more intense over the years as well. It is something intangeable that holds us all together: all kinds of different people.

I hear you didn't like being lumped in to Britpop movement; what was wrong, was it the term 'Britpop' or just being compared to those bands?
There was nothing wrong with the term "Britpop", we just felt that we were outside of any scene: musically and physically. We just liked doing our own thing!

Were you mates with any of those bands that got called Britpop? Any albums from that period that you liked?
Unfortunately/Fortunately not :)
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